After traveling the world we met each other in the touristic sector of the Belgian Ardennes. Maarten was an outdoor instructor and a cook. Sophia worked in the office and helped everybody around.

The next few years we traveled in an old camper van, working and experiencing Europe. We worked together in different hotels and chalets, Maarten mostly in the kitchen and Sophia with the guests. We searched long and hard for a place to start on our own and settle, and in Hotel Le Cassini we have found that place.

It might be unnecessary to tell that during your holiday we, with great pleasure and passion, will do anything and more for you. Because we think that’s what holiday is about and because we love to spoil you during your holiday.

Maarten will spoil you with exciting meals. Not only our hotel guests, but also our local French neighbors, return to our kitchen regularly and with great enthusiasm. You can talk for hours with Maarten about food and drinks, though he feels most happy and comfortable in his kitchen. He is also ‘chef’ maintenance of the garden, terrace and actually the complete hotel. He is not only creative and handy with ingredients, but also a real handyman! Besides cooking Maarten has a passion for outdoor sports. He would like to cycle and be on the slopes more. Maybe you will get him to join you for a ride!

Sophia will not rest and be happy until you will be satisfied leaned back in a comfortable chair on the terrace or bar at the end of the day. She has buckets of energy and enthusiasm and will do anything she can to make your stay as amazing and comfortable as possible. She loves chatting, with her lovely sense of humor, about your happenings during the day and actually about anything else as well. Despite she is sincerely interested in her guests, you must not ask her about her experiences in Africa, because then she won’t stop! Sophia loves to eat (that is convenient!) and when she has the time she loves hiking. And one thing we mustn’t forget; she is crazy about animals.

They both have their passion inherited from home. Maarten’s family live in a kitchen with walls of cookbooks where they are as self-sufficient as possible out of their own garden (inclusive the chickens). Sophia knows all about etiquette’s from years of “home study” given by her parents. Also there was and still is a shared wine in the afternoon and a sumptuous meal afterwards the highlight of the day.

Sophia en Maarten b